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The Under Belly of Entrepreneurship

Being your own boss is something so many people dream of achieving.

The freedom, the excitement, the possibilities.

Experts call it uniformed optimism. From your amazing idea, or passion, (as was my case), you start a business that you feel confident will succeed.

No one warned you about the price of success or the hard knocks of failure. Or….the most important nugget of information….Failure is just the necessary journey to success.

Most entrepreneurs give up when they hit their 1st season of failure. It’s one of the hardest things to get through. It wasn’t something I really understood until after I hit 6 figures, got burnt out, the wide-spread government shutdowns took more than half of my business & I decided to rebuild the right way that will have more lasting success…that is if I can get through this season of “failure.”

Many entrepreneurs tell their hardship stories in the past tense. This revamp of a blog I started a year ago, will be my live action story to my version of success. My journey to building a 7+ figure business & beyond.

So what is the under belly of entrepreneurship. The short & long answer is that it’s different for every single person.

For me, it’s the emotional rollercoaster of trying to figure out what marketing works & what doesn’t. The stress of no knowing how I’m going to pay my bills, of beating myself up over lack of time management. Not feeling I’m productive enough or good enough.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve felt and I have family, friends & mentors that support me. If you’re with someone who doesn’t support you, or your family all thinks you’re crazy, your struggles could be harder, but it could also be the push you need to step outside your comfort zone & risk it all.

There are only a handful of people in my life who know how much I’ve risked & only God truly knows how much doubt and fear I’ve had to fight through.

Although my path to success, financial freedom and making a positive impact on the world is just the beginning the “Gain as my mentor Sarah Petty calls it, is that I believe now that I AM GOOD ENOUGH. The next step is to not take rejection personally. Not everyone is your ideal client and the faster you can move through those that aren’t the, the faster you move on to those that are.

Kevin Michael Schmidt, photographer, producer, director, my friend and my mentor is a shining example of going after your dreams and using rejection as a stepping stone & tool to be used to build a brand that’s respected & sought after.

You won’t always feel like you have what it takes, which is when you need someone there to remind you that you do!!

Until next time fellow entrepreneurs.

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